Google had introduced the same feature "Mute this Ad" back in 2012. But later on this feature was removed. Again Google is back with this feature. There is a [X] like icon on the top right corner of Google Adsense ad. When you click on this icon, a new page opens up from where you can go to ad settings.

You can see the [X] icon at the top right corner of the image below
  If you click on [X] icon, you will get a option to customise your ads
Generally Google displays ads based on the search queries, but it also considers other parameters like your age, name, location, interest, sex and the language you speak which it gets from your Gmail account.

In the ads settings just select different parameters like your interests, language etc. After that Google will display only those ads which you really want to see.(But Google does not guarantee it!)

If you want to view the ad again then you can click on the "UNDO" link. Same ad will be displayed again.


  1. A very good addition :)

    Hope all Ad network will bring this features to their ads.